Turns out she is!

She pays the rent ….

In 2015 the Crown Estate delivered a record £328.8 million to the Exchequer from its thirty wind farms and central London assets.

This was up 8.1% on the previous year, taking the total the Estate has returned to the Treasury over the last decade to more than £2.6 billion. The capital value of the overall estate increased by 2% to £13.1 billion.

…. and receives her “Citizens’ Dividend” for so doing!

Under current arrangements, the Queen receives back 25% of the Crown Estate’s revenues in the form of a Sovereign Grant, which is used to fund her official work and the upkeep of her residences. The 8% uptick in revenues means she will receive a £6 million boost in funds to £82.2 million in the Sovereign Grant, which is paid two years in arrears.

Does the Queen know this is Georgism in action?

It’s a great pity the 300 acres of Mayfair and Belgravia held by the parasitic Duke of Westminister in the Grosvenor Estate doesn’t do similarly: or, for that matter, the other eight or so aristocratic London holders of great estates.


Such were among details delivered to the audience of one hundred in an entertaining 126th Henry George Commemorative Dinner & Address delivered by Philip Anderson of Cycles, Trends and Forecasts at The Woolshed in Melbourne last night.

Anderson explained the eighteen-year real estate cycle, due for another calamitous bursting in 2026 (can the Australian bubble hold out until then?) and gave insights into WD Gann’s remarkable stock market cycles.

President Catherine Cashmore provided the audience with an account of Prosper Australia’s involvement in assisting the states of Victoria and New South Wales with some of Prosper’s statistical techniques relating to the Australian property market.

Anne Schmid was presented with a bouquet of flowers for her twenty years of devoted service as Prosper Australia’s secretary. Anne is to remain on the executive committee after handing the key position over to Bill Payze during the year.

Was it EJ Craigie award winner Adam Creighton from The Australian who suggested no other Australian body could possibly boast holding 126 consecutive annual dinners?  Creighton won the 2017 award from a field of four other nominees for a challenging piece of writing on land tax’s positive potential to address the issues of our times. His article is reproduced here.

Prosper Australia’s Project Director Karl Fitzgerald is to be congratulated for organising a most enjoyable evening.