Fairer Australia

We can make Australia fairer through commonsense changes to our tax system

Reduce Income Taxes

You should keep more of your hard-earned income

Reduce Inequality

Our policies would reduce inequality and help the environment

We all deserve a fair share of nature’s gifts, and fair reward for our work.


Yet many of us struggle to pay our bills or find affordable housing near our workplace.


The power of the tax system to reshape our economy, society and environment is undervalued.


It’s time to talk about the #TaxShift we need for Australia.




Our latest Research

Melbourne’s pandemic rental dynamics: an (un)natural experiment in excess supply

Melbourne’s pandemic experience presents an ideal natural experiment for what might happen if we ‘flooded the market’ with additional housing.

Planning deregulation, housing supply and affordability

In this discussion paper we explore the conceptual models of land rent deployed within the debate over planning deregulation, housing supply and housing affordability. 

Staged Releases: Peering Behind the Land Supply Curtain

In this report we ask whether the private choices of property owners to supply new housing according to market conditions works against the stated public policy outcome of supply-driven affordability through rezoning.

Stamp Duty to Land Tax: Designing the Transition

For politicians searching for a circuit-breaker on state tax reform, our model offers generous but logical concessions for existing owners, choice for future buyers, and an attractive introductory period to secure support early on. It is complex at the policy design back-end but simple at the taxpayer front-end.