123rd Annual Henry George Dinner with Prof John Freebairn

by Karl Fitzgerald on July 25, 2014

123rd Annual Henry George Dinner, 3rd September Featuring Professor John Freebairn of Melbourne University We are delighted to announce one of Australia’s most pre-eminent economists, Professor John Freebairn,  will be guest speaker at this year’s Henry George Commemorative Dinner. With the state election nearing, he will be speaking on the reforms Victoria needs to keep on the move. […]

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Economic rents must become part of the public discourse

by David Collyer on August 28, 2014

An economics professor planned to live without acknowledging land.
He would have succeeded but found that he needed food, clothing and somewhere to stand.

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Cost-Shifting Stamp Duty – Onto You

by David Collyer on August 27, 2014

If taxpayers are to endure the upset of tax reform, then the change should be to best practice – the tax bases economists have identified as causing the least harm.

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An unfair advantage

by Karl Fitzgerald on August 25, 2014

Letters to the Editor The Age 25/08/2014 The seemingly inevitable slide towards the haves and the have-nots in home ownership is inevitable if nothing changes. Our approach to funding the needs of the state encourages and disproportionately rewards speculative (non-productive) activity and discourages (taxes) effort and investment in productive capital (value adding). When unearned income […]

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Petition for Genuine Housing Reform

by Karl Fitzgerald on August 22, 2014

A Petition by Rational Radical Hi, my name is Matt, and I’m one of many young Australians currently locked out of home ownership by record high prices. My friends know me as very vocal and frequently angry about housing affordability issues. Well the latest development in the saga that is the Ozzie housing market truly […]

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Evolving Economics Engagement

by Karl Fitzgerald on August 18, 2014

Evolving Economics is our fortnightly enews on upcoming events, current news and commentary. Join here. Having trouble reading this newsletter? View it online. The enews of Prosper & Earthsharing Australia august 2014 Prof. John Freebairn will present on state taxation Wednesday September 3rd Royal Society of Victoria, 8 Latrobe St, Melbourne From 6pm RSVP & […]

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Value Capture at Melb Transport Super Forum

by Karl Fitzgerald on August 15, 2014

Last night’s Melbourne Transport Super Forum featuring Minister Terry Mulden, the ALP’s Jill Hennessy and the Green’s Greg Barber was as packed as a Melbourne train with policy wonks and advocates. The presentations were dominated by the usual point scoring. But there was some good news for those looking for the sensible financing of public […]

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Over the BBQ

by David Collyer on August 13, 2014

They couldn’t afford a new house, but they could afford two. Plus they get the “tax benefit” of negative gearing the rental, which we know is a crock, and they’re doubly leveraged.

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Poor, Poor Pitiful Me

by David Collyer on

Taxi users should be angry at being the victim of a scam obliging them to travel in discomfort so some ‘entrepreneur’ can enjoy a concessional license fee. And regular license holders ought to share that anger – their rent-seeking activity is being topped and captured by a sub-group, all in the name of mobility for the disabled.

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The Reserve Bank of Blackjack

by David Collyer on

The lack of intervention by the RBA over recent years has left the Australian banking system facing an inevitable confrontation. A confrontation that will suck the very life out of the Australian economy; and our way of life. Lets face it, incomes, and GDP are simply not keeping up with the banks toxic spending binge.

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3 terms to make property speculators stammer

by Karl Fitzgerald on August 8, 2014

Who pays for a $43 million windfall gain in three years? That’s a 352% return for the “entrepreneurial” Richard Gu. His skill? To have the capital to buy the land, then to apply for a 1500 apartment re-zoning of the land (from commercial to multi-density). Not bad work if you can get it. But who […]

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