WA shows tax reform leadership. Well, I hope so.

by David Collyer on April 24, 2014

WA Treasurer Mike Nathan has heard the call from REIWA President David Airey to end Stamp Duty and fund this by removing exemptions from State Land Tax

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Housing: Investor support continues with Significant Investment Visas

by Karl Fitzgerald on April 23, 2014

Each day passes with policy enhancing the never ending Great Australian land bubble. Three of note include: the recent sale of $500m in Australian sub-prime loans by non-bank lender Pepper (AFR, paywalled), bundled together as Residential Mortgage Backed Securities. Moody’s gave the thumbs up to the sale, despite 44.5% of loans being of sub-prime nature. […]

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REIWA: Abolish Stamp Duty for State Land Tax

by David Collyer on

Yesterday REIWA president David Airey issued a call in the West Australian newspaper for the WA government to abandon Stamp Duty and fund this by removing the many wheezes from the tattered State Land Tax.  Hooray! Airey says: “It’s time to recognise that stamp duty on property as a means to raise revenue is clumsy, […]

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HIA: Negative Gearing barely costs economy

by Karl Fitzgerald on April 17, 2014

An interview on Lateline Business with Harley Dale (HIA) and Saul Eslake makes for interesting viewing on whether Negative Gearing will be grandfathered and quarantined to new housing only in the upcoming May budget. At about the 10 minute mark Harley Dale makes an extraordinary statement that if this was to occur, there would be […]

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Superannuation the next sacrificial lamb in failed infrastructure model

by Karl Fitzgerald on April 11, 2014

The continual reinforcement that new infrastructure can only financed by privatising the last remaining public assets is worth challenging. According to Infrastructure Australia and Joe Hockey, a fire sale here or there is all that is required for a mere $220 billion. Then we can have all the infrastructure we need. But what if the […]

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Australia’s Magic Pudding

by David Collyer on April 9, 2014

The price of allowing FHBs to access superannuation creates some real winners: existing landowners, banks and the handful of buyers able to buy before the land-price jaws inevitably snap shut again. Everyone else loses – now and in retirement.

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Australian property through foreign eyes

by David Collyer on April 8, 2014

By Catherine Cashmore, a market analyst, journalist, and policy thinker, with extensive industry experience in all aspects relating to property. Follow Catherine on Twitter or via her Blog. I had the good fortune to meet two investors from Dallas Texas last week – visiting in part, to survey the Australian real estate terrain and in return, provide a unique […]

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GST Inequity Obvious

by Karl Fitzgerald on April 7, 2014

Letters to the Editor As published in the AFR April 7th It is absurd to say switching from income tax to GST improves work incentives. Consumption equals income minus savings. A 20% GST is much the same as a 20% flat rate income tax with no tax-free threshold but with unlimited superannuation deductions. But it’s […]

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The ABS values Australia’s assets

by Karl Fitzgerald on April 4, 2014

The latest report by the Australian Bureau of Statistics on the world leading System of Environmental Economic Accounting was released yesterday. The ABS have taken a lead role in developing the system at the United Nations level over the last decade. Last year the UN ratified the SEEA methodology: The SEEA framework follows a similar […]

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The Georgist Philosophy in Culture and History

by Karl Fitzgerald on April 3, 2014

This article gives an insight into the tremendous cultural impact the movement has had. by Pat Aller Arden, Delaware July, 1999 The Georgist Philosophy in Culture and History: How to Broaden Our Focus to Strengthen Our Message. We’ve been asking this question for over a century. The very fact that we are in Arden attests […]

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