The Annual Henry George Commemorative Dinner


Prosper Australia and the Victorian Georgist movement have proudly held an annual dinner to celebrate the teachings of Henry George since 1892. Each year land reformers meet on (or close to) George’s September 2nd birthday to enjoy a powerful presentation, dinner and discussion.

Our ability to appeal to both left and right has seen a wide variety of speakers. These include Walter Burley Griffin, Saul Eslake, Dr Jim Cairns, Reverend Tim Costello and EJ Craigie. In 1910 gramophone recordings of Lloyd George and Winston Churchill’s ‘The People’s Budget’ were played. In 1911 a Single Tax Comedy Drama ‘The Story of my Dictatorship’ was performed at the Austral Salon.

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We are reminded of the power of Henry George’s analytical prowess in the highly regarded book Nature’s Gifts by John Pullen. This gives an account of George’s 1890 tour of Australia with quotes such as:

“The each man is entitled to all that his exertions produce; that no man is entitled to call the earth his own as against another man…What earthly benefit is the landowner, who is simply a landowner and no more, to the country? …He is more destructive that the rabbit or the kangaroo; he merely eats and gives nothing in return.” (Morning Bulletin Rockhampton, May 16, 1890)

Read the Honour Board of past speakers (PDF).

Georgism is a holistic socio-economic system enabling all living beings a rightful place on this planet, regardless of when you were born. There is no better mechanism to synergise human rights with economic opportunities and political freedom.