Henry George Address

Prosper Australia and the Victorian Georgist movement have proudly held an annual dinner to celebrate the teachings of Henry George since 1892. Around George’s birthday (2 September) we present a powerful presentation, dinner and discussion.

Henry George Commemoration Social 1910

Henry George Commemoration Social 1910

The annual commemorative address has been presented by a wide variety of speakers. These include Walter Burley Griffin, Saul Eslake, Nicole Gurran, Fred Harrison, Dr Jim Cairns, Reverend Tim Costello and EJ Craigie.

In 1910 gramophone recordings of Lloyd George and Winston Churchill’s ‘The People’s Budget’ were played. In 1911 a Single Tax Comedy Drama ‘The Story of my Dictatorship’ was performed at the Austral Salon. In 2020 and 2021, the event was moved online due to the Covid-19 pandemic.

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Australia: Made for Free Trade and a Tax on Rent
132nd Henry George Address by Professor Ross Garnaut Australia: Made for Free Trade and a Tax on Rent (Transcript of speech recorded at the Kelvin Club, Melbourne, 7 September 2023. Lightly edited for clarity and brevity.) Thanks, Tim, and very good to be here with...
The full list of EJ Craigie Writing Award winners from Prosper Australia
Waleed Aly wins 2023 E.J. Craigie Writing Award

Waleed Aly Wins E.J. Craigie Writing Award for best article reflecting the ideas of Henry George as a social and economic reformer.

The 2022 EJ Craigie Award Winner
Prosper’s outgoing Director of Advocacy, Karl Fitzgerald, picked up the EJ Craigie Award for best Georgist writing at the 2022 Henry George Dinner and Address.  His opinion piece “Forget red or green tape, developers squeeze housing supply with gold tape” appeared in...
131st Annual Henry George Commemorative Dinner and Address
On September 14, 2022 we descended on the Kelvin Club (and online) to listen to Economist Brendan Coates delivering a sobering, hopeful evidenced based address.  The 131st Henry George Commemorative Address Dinner and Address attracted a diverse crowd from across...