Prosper Australia has been part of the fabric of Australian civil society since the days of Federation. Our journal Progress was first published in May 1904.

Each edition features leading Georgist perspectives from around the world. Progress articles delve into issues such as wealth inequality, land ownership, sustainable development, social justice, and economic policies. We feature thought-provoking Georgist content that challenges conventional thinking and offers innovative solutions to societal problems.

Members are free to explore the Progress archives at our North Melbourne office during business hours, with our library extending back to the 1890s. We also accept reader submissions which can be made here.

Housing in Crisis

Progress 1133
Winter 2023

Beyond the Pandemic

Progress 1129
Winter 2020


Unspoken Alternatives to Expensive Housing

Progress 1125
Spring 2018

On a Win

Progress 1132
Summer 2021


Progress 1128
Summer 2019

Corporatising the Rental Market

Progress 1124
Winter 2018

Entry Price to Life on Earth

Progress 1131
Winter 2021

Impeding the Market

Progress 1127
Autumn 2019

Economic Concentration

Progress 1123
Autumn 2018


Progress 1130
Summer 2020

The Danger of High Land Prices

Progress 1126
Summer 2018

The Primer Edition

Progress 1120
Winter 2017