Prosper Australia and our sister organisation Earthsharing Australia run a number of campaigns aimed at building the economic literacy of the everyday person. Sacred property rights deliver property owners distinct advantages over those who don’t own a piece of the planet. Our challenge is to use taxation as a means to create a genuine level playing field.

Speculative vacancies report – Prosper continues to monitor the genuine level of vacant property. 90,000 empty properties were found in 2011, despite crippling rents. Our 2015 report found 82, 724 speculative vacancies. Over the ten years we have been reporting, the public have been led to believe that the vacancy rate is very low – there’s nowhere to live. However we continue to find genuine vacancy rates of between 2 – 4 times higher than what the real estate industry finds.

Stamp Out Stamp Duty – the beating of the drum to replace Stamp Duty with Land Tax is music to our ears. Check these recent reports advocating such a change and sign our petition.

Housing investment tax reform – we specialise in lobbying for a fairer tax system where there is a more equitable balance between families and family trusts, singles and speculators. Some of the most generous tax provisions for investment on the planet have done little to deliver extra supply to the market at prices the majority can realistically afford. View some of our submissions to the Henry Tax Review. In fact read the Henry Tax Review. Many of our concepts were included but overlooked by a government cowering to lobbyists.