Prosper run a number of campaigns on tax reform — below are some of the things we are currently working on.


Transforming Transit

Well-planned public transport networks create enormous amounts of value for our economy and community. So why do we think we can’t afford the massive upgrades we are long overdue for? We advocate for Australia to catch up with our southeast asian neighbours in the use of value capture mechanisms to fund public transport projects. Read more


Third Market Housing: Community Land Trusts and Land Rent Schemes

Many quick fixes for housing unaffordability such as rent assistance wind up creating more profit for landowners. We advocate for third housing solutions that remove the cost of land from the cost of housing. Read more


End Vacancy

Speculative vacancies remove much-needed stock from the rental market, driving up the cost of living and hurting lower-income families the most. We’ve been measuring speculative vacancy rates in Melbourne for over a decade. Read more


Victorian Local Government Ratings

Current local government rates are calculated by the total property value, including capital improvements such as buildings. A fairer and more efficient tax base would be the site value alone, not what’s on top of the land. Read more


Stamp Duty to Land Tax

Stamp duty is an expensive and unproductive tax that costs more to the economy than it produces in revenue. It makes it expensive for people to move when they need to and discourages downsizing. It’s time it was replaced with land tax, and we know how to make this politically difficult transition. Read more

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