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The monthly Renegade Economists radio show ran from Sept 2007 – Nov 2021 with host Karl Fitzgerald. It provided insights into monopoly power, privilege and the potential policy levers at our fingertips.

A core questions for the show was if “location, location, location” is such a core element to real estate investment strategy, why was it all but ignored in economic theory? Economics should be an interpretation of reality, not a diversion play for powerful monopolists.

The show was broadcast on 3CR, Wednesday evenings 5.30-6pm. Archives of the last 7 years of shows can be found on mixcloud.

A 7 part Georgist Podcourse was produced and is available here.

Favourite interviews can be found here, with earlier podcasts transcribed on the Earthsharing website.

The series highlights the teachings of Henry George, as reflected in this special edition:


The hope behind band-aids : a special on Henry George by Renegadeeconomists on Mixcloud




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