Tuesday, September 5 from 6pm
The Woolshed, Docklands
Tickets via Eventbrite: $30 members; $50 non-members

Join Prosper Australia at The Woolshed, Docklands for our annual gala dinner and address. Our speaker this year is Australian economist, businessman and internationally acclaimed commentator, Philip J Anderson. Phil is widely regarded as the foremost expert on business, real estate and commodity cycles.

“…The speculator will find real estate a highly profitable field of study for understanding stock market cycles. According to a widely respected economic theory first put forward by Henry George and David Ricardo in the 19th century, business cycles are caused mainly my movements in real estate values.

‘George and Ricardo began with the observation that rent and land prices rise when business conditions are good. Eventually, rent-seeking landlords absorb all the excess profits that business can make. Businesses fall behind on rents and mortgage payments; defaults begin and bankers call in loans.

‘Land prices begin declining because few tenants can be found to lease property at current prices. As these developments reduce lending for other business activities, general business conditions worsen.”

That’s a quote from chapter 12, page 255, of Victor Niederhoffer’s excellent read, Practical Speculation, which he co-authored with Laurel Kenner. It’s in chapter 12 under the heading: ‘Interlocking Gears: Real Estate, Business Cycles and Stocks’.

And that’s precisely what Phil is going to talk about: Why every investor MUST understand the real estate cycle.

Hear Phil explain to you how the future will unfold based on the cycles and what we might expect for stocks and the economy in general, going forward to 2026.

As usual, Phil starts with the US real estate cycle and builds from there. Phil will relate this to the US market first, then to Australian conditions.

Along the way we’ll discover why the Queen may actually be a genuine Georgist, why it would be so easy to replace the government with her as the top institution accountable directly to the people, and why we could probably do without such an institution anyway once the people got used to governing for themselves.

Phil will also highlight the 18.6-year cycle and why it must be 18.6.

As we finish, investors will have with them a very useful takeaway guide to future economic conditions. This is a rare opportunity to enjoy a 2-course meal and a sought after speaker. Only 100 tickets available.