Some years ago, Prosper made a deliberate decision to join Australia’s economic debate, to advocate reform and contest poor policy wherever it rears its ugly head.

To further this, we are proud to institute the E. J. Craigie Writing Award for the best Georgist article in the past year.

E J Craigie was the independent member for Flinders in the South Australian Parliament 1930 to 1941 and a staunch advocate of the ideas of Henry George.

“This small bespectacled man was always looked upon in the parliament,” said Whitlam government cabinet minister Clyde Cameron, “as the greatest debater the Parliament of South Australia had ever seen. Craigie really was a very great figure – I think really the greatest man of this [20th] century, and it is a tragedy that he was not given the opportunity to play a more important role in the politics of our country.”

Prosper awards this memorial to Catherine Cashmore for her piece:  Land Tax must kill Negative Gearing, Stamp Duty that appeared in the 1110th edition of Progress magazine and has been widely reproduced elsewhere. We commend her work to you all.