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Following Professor Hudson’s excellent interview on Phillip Adams last evening, have a listen to their fast paced conversation here.*

Over the next 3 nights in Melbourne, Prof Hudson will be discussing in detail:

Wed Oct 14th – Lifting the Lid on the GFC, 6.30pm, with Steve Keen and Bryan Kavanagh
– recent RBA financial indicators: greenshoots?

Thurs Oct 15th – Economic Policy & Asset Bubbles: The Implications for a Sustainable Society, Melbourne Uni, 5.30pm
– the historical aspects of addressing asset bubbles, moving through infrastructure funding and debt pollution amongst many other topics. (Listen to Phillip Adam’s commentary on Michael’s historical perspective as a hint)

Fri Oct 16th – The Earth vs the Neo-Liberal Paradigm — the Baltic Experience
– Iceland and Latvia’s rapid demise and the positive offshoots springing forward.

Check the full event details

* Please note, Prof Hudson would like to clarify that the Rudd government guarantee of mortgages (rather than banks lending 100% mortgages) is encouraging reckless lending. The banks can provide 90% of the mortgage finance, non bank financial intermediaries 95% and the other 5% in many of the riskiest cases is the FHOG. So who needs savings?