Professor Michael Hudson Touring October


Leading financial economist and historian Professor Michael Hudson will be touring Australia October 12 – 27. Download the tour flyer

See the Hudson Tour Multimedia Highlights

Professor Hudson was one of twelve economists recognised for predicting the GFC. He is a government advisor to many nations, and is fast gaining a reputation in policy circles as the go-to man in GFC hotspots. This has seen him visit Iceland and Latvia this year to assist policy developments. From Mexico to China to the depths of Wall St, Hudson is an insider to the latest global policy trends.

Prof Hudson was the Chief Economic Advisor to Dennis Kucinich in the recent US Presidential Campaign.

On Monday evening (Oct 12th) make sure you tune into Phillip Adams – Late Night Live on Radio National at 10pm.

Hudson will also be interviewed on SKY News TV (7pm Monday). Our own Renegade Economists radio show will have an in depth interview on the Wed Oct 14th show. A raft of other interviews are lined up.

Read his bio outlining his extensive history in economic policy circles and his prominent position in the global media marketplace. Few can sum up a media sound bite like he can. Hear him on the Renegade Economists discussing Latvia. Check many of his recent pieces here, here or here.


Numbers are building rapidly – RSVP now to assure your place to these free events.

  • Wed Oct 14th – Lifting the Lid on the GFC, 6.30pm, Melbourne Town Hall, with Steve Keen and Bryan Kavanagh, RSVP
  • Thurs Oct 15th – Economic Policy & Asset Bubbles: The Implications for a Sustainable Society, Melbourne Uni, Centre for Public Policy, 5.30pm, RSVP
  • Fri Oct 16th – The Earth vs the Neoliberal Paradigm — the Baltic Experience, Prosper Australia, Frank Halkyard Library, 1/27 Hardware Lane, 7pm, RSVP
  • Wednesday Oct 21st – Economics for a Future, CSIRO Discovery Centre, Canberra, 7.30pm, RSVP
  • Friday Oct 23rd – Forever Blowing Bubbles: Asset bubbles, economic policy and sustainability, Sydney, Customs House, 6pm, BOOKED OUT

Professor Hudson will also be lecturing at the Federal Parliament’s Vital Issues seminar, presenting to government officials at the Victorian ALP Economics conference and meeting with the Reserve Bank.

Hudson is someone who makes economics imperative to our understanding of freedom. As a testament to his skill, the Polish union movement called a snap strike when he visited earlier this year, demanding all members visit their trades hall to study Hudson’s work so that GFC-like events do not occur again. We are lucky to have this high profile speaker on our shores.

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  1. Keith13-09-2009

    I would like to know more about the ANU presentation. ANU website has no details as yet.

  2. Karl Fitzgerald
    Karl Fitzgerald30-09-2009
  3. Stephen01-10-2009

    I was really keen to attend this event in Brisbane. Is Michael still speaking in Brisbane?

  4. Karl Fitzgerald
    Karl Fitzgerald02-10-2009

    HI Stephen,
    sorry but Brisbane was cancelled due to venue issues via an unvetted contact. Audio will be recorded and some video at other presentations. apologies

  5. Virginia Jane Rose13-10-2009

    It was a great pleasure to hear Michael Hudson speaking such good sense about economics and economic policy, and specially to hear him challenge the increasing concentration of wealth in the hands of the richest people. His comments on the insanity of high housing prices, and the fact that in reality high house prices make us all poorer, were also extremely refreshing.
    I live in a rural area, a long way from the centres where Professor Hudson is speaking, so it is great to be able to hear him on radio.

  6. Karl Fitzgerald
    Karl Fitzgerald13-10-2009

    Great to hear Virginia! I will put up the audio from last night’s Phillip Adams soon. There will be a video clip put up following his tour.

  7. Will20-10-2009

    I am hoping Prof Hudson will talk specifically about ‘solution’ for Australia (including timing indication) instead of general world economy lesson. Most of the information available are very US and EMEA centric, not enough about AUS.

    I think we already have some ideas what is happening around us, some people choose to be ignorant about it. What we want is to hear the speciifc solution relevant to Australian from expert like Prof Hudson.

    Also, I hope he talks about what ordinary Australian like us can and should do in this bad economy time. Or maybe, he can tell us what he would do in this sort of climate.

  8. dan07-12-2009

    Will there be a full video of the Canberra talk?

  9. Karl Fitzgerald
    Karl Fitzgerald07-12-2009

    HI Dan,

    no video was taken of canberra. The talk at Parliament has been transcribed and some slight edits are being made before releasing it soon. If you are talking about the Natsoc talk Hudson did, I was horrified to discover that the mp3 recorder failed that night. A real tragedy as that was one of his best talks.

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