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Why am I shouldering your tax liabilities?

Why am I shouldering your tax liabilities?

South Australia is reforming Land Tax laws so holders are assessed on their aggregate land holdings by looking through corporate structures some have created to minimise their liabilities. The SA reforms mirror and are based on existing laws in Victoria and NSW.  This...

New Stonnington parks to enforce land scarcity

Chris Vedelago at The Age has exposed a fascinating land-play by Stonnington Council, enforcing scarcity and lifting land prices in the most valuable residential municipality in Melbourne by adding to insatiable demand with its own house-buying to demolish and make...

It’s Raine-ing elderly property investors

  Angus Raine of RE agents Raine & Horne burst into song about property taxes in a letter on page 55 of the Australian Financial Review today - and what a nice cartoon, Clement! Angus wants Stamp Duty tax breaks for empty nesters – people trapped in...

Hallelujah! The tax reform pathway becomes clear

An Australian political party has boldly stepped forward with a proposal to reform taxes to make housing affordable and end the destruction of tens of billions of dollars of taxpayers money in deadweight losses each and every year: that party is the Australian Labor Party.

Poor, Poor Pitiful Me

Taxi users should be angry at being the victim of a scam obliging them to travel in discomfort so some ‘entrepreneur’ can enjoy a concessional license fee. And regular license holders ought to share that anger – their rent-seeking activity is being topped and captured by a sub-group, all in the name of mobility for the disabled.

WA Treasurer plays the TINA card on Stamp Duty

West Australian Treasurer Mike Nahan has acknowledged Stamp Duty is "dumb" but has no interest in changing it, claiming There Is No Alternative. ABC WA reports: In a speech to an economics forum in Perth on Tuesday, Dr Nahan said the state had come to rely on...

The Sovereign State of Pigovia

Libertarians and conservatives denounce Pigovian taxation because it would serious decrease profits for those doing the cost externalisation e.g. the wealthy and big business. Because uncorrected external effects are so rampant and thus a sign of the grave inefficiencies of capitalism, they have to be denied to even exist.