What We Want

What is Prosper Australia seeking?

Geoff Forster, B.A. B.Sc., former Editor of Progress Magazine

Philosophically, the reconciliation of justice and freedom. All too often one is sacrificed to the other. We believe that both can be harmonised.

Socioeconomically, we seek the abolition of involuntary poverty; a more equitable distribution of wealth; a rational, fair revenue system, easier housing access; the elimination of unemployment. And ultimately, by removal of specific forms of injustice, we believe that a major cause of war will be eliminated.

To all young persons, of whatever age, seeking a worthy cause to champion, we offer something that will answer their highest idealism and will test their perseverance and resoluteness. Concerning women our philosophy and programme offers something substantial and radical. However, as with any disadvantaged group, we affirm our aim to be: justice to all, privilege to none.

Would you like a society where there is a simple, straight-forward revenue (taxation) system? Would you like a society where the burden of mortgage payments for the family home does not linger on for decades? Would you like a society without queues (or their equivalent) for jobs, and where job vacancies may well exceed applications? Would you like a society without vast unearned fortunes and grinding poverty existing side by side? Would you like a society with a stable currency, as against one eroded by creeping inflation? Would you like a society where the benefits of technology and the division of labour are equitably diffused among all willing to participate cooperatively?

Then we invite you to consider our proposals carefully. We believe that truth carries its own intrinsic power and persuasiveness. Nevertheless, the following have endorsed, largely if not entirely, our ideas; Leo Tolstoy, Sun Yat Sen, Winston Churchill (in his earlier years), George Bernard Shaw, Walter Burley Griffin, Helen Keller, Aldous Huxley, Thomas Paine, Albert Einstein, Clarence Darrow, Viscount Snowden, Clyde Cameron – and many other.

Marxism and various form of collectivism, Keynsianism, Reagonomics and “supply-side” economics, these and other schemes have been tried and found wanting. Just look at the world economic scene. Henry George’s social philosophy – including its recent elaborations – warrant serious attention, and action, on the part of all people concerned for the overall well-being of humanity.