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Show Notes
The Renegades Podcourse #3: Land is the central tenet of Georgist understanding, but yet our most valuable asset is ignored in economics, ignored in the policy setting – unless it starts to falter. Land represents natural resources above and below us. It also represents land-like assets that share a similar natural monopoly status. So it is crucial to determining both wealth distribution and societal efficiencies. A short clip is included featuring Jacob Schwartz-Lucas on the key ingredient – the law of rent.

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Some of the material in this edition is borrowed from the Earth Rights International course on Land Rights, Land Value Taxation and Commons Rent.
Land for the Many – UK report by Monbiot, MacFarlane et al
The Classical Components of GDP graph:

Traditional foes labour and capital left behind by growth in land and tax take

The Trickle up Economics report findings summarised.
Law of Rent – cartoon series
The Total Resource Rents of Australia report – finding economic rents are at 23.6% of GDP.

Climate Works Land Use Futures website features images such as:

Jacob Schwartz-Lucas on the Law of Rent (full episode):

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