What: Discuss + Debate + Drinks + Pizza

When: Wednesday, May 29

Time: 6pm

Cost: Free

The Earth is the cradle of humanity but mankind cannot stay in the cradle forever” -Konstantin Tsiolkovsky

Private companies are actively promoting plans to mine in Outer Space, and for the first time, these are seeming not far-fetched, but probable.  Thus, we on Earth are faced with some tricky questions, which may have far-reaching consequences;

  • Who (if anyone) owns the moon and outer space ?
  • Who (if anyone) has the right to derive economic benefit from them?
  • Who gets to decide?

Join writer Angela Dennis, for a discussion of the ‘new space race’; the main players, legal implications, and how Georgism might offer a model to ensure economic justice in extra-terrestrial resource extraction. Here’s a 2016 Conversation article on the subject to get you started.

Free entry. All Welcome.