The Monthly Discussion in December – Bust and Beyond


What: Discuss + Debate + Drinks + Pizza

When: Wednesday, December 5th

Time: 6pm

Cost: Free

Is the property market in meltdown?

In the blue corner sits plunging auction clearance rates (sub 40% in Melbourne last weekend), tighter lending conditions, and national land prices down 5% year-on-year (ABS 5204).

In the red corner sits the potential to cut interest rates further, the re-introduction of the first home buyers grant, population growth, and allowing home deposits to be drawn from superannuation savings.

While many want to debate a crash or minor correction/ bingle, Prosper focuses on the policies that deliver a steady state economy. What policies could be enacted on the pathway to a saner economy? From CLTs to exotic LVR formulas, UBI to MMT, public banking or LVT pilot projects, bring along your pet policy for closer examination. Let’s imagine a society where housing is de-commodified and small business thrives.

That’s the atmosphere at our monthly discussion – where conversation buzzes over pizza and wine.