Geo-libertarianism: Across the left-right divide
When: Tuesday March 6
Time: 6pm
Where: Level 1, 64 Harcourt St, North Melbourne
Presenter: Ed Dodson (USA)
Cost: Free. All welcome.

Here is the video stream of the event. Excuse the skipping frames. Audio good!


Come along for the March instalment of our regular discussion night. If you’ve ever taken that online Political Compass test, and ended up somewhere near the bottom, this one is for you.

Ed Dodson will be presenting on “Geo-libertarianism,” a term coined by the economist Fred Foldvary. Libertarianism is the ethical proposition that all and only coercive harm is evil. Geoism (also called “Georgism” after Henry George) is the proposition that the rent of land should be either shared equally or used for public revenue. Geo-libertarianism combines these two philosophies into equal self-ownership and equal rights to the rent of natural resources. Here’s a comprehensive overview by Foldvary on the Geo-libertarian concept. See also Bleeding Heart Libertarians blog.

Our presenter is a long-time board member of the Robert Schalkenbach Foundation, NYC. He has lectured and taught courses in political economy, and since 1997 directed the online education and research project School of Cooperative Individualism, an immense online archive of Georgist thought. He is author of the three-volume work, “The Discovery of First Principles”. You can read Ed’s work here.

Ed retired from from Fannie Mae in 2005, where he held various management and analyst positions in the Housing & Community Development group. Karl interviewed him last September on the transformation of finance during his 35 year career. You can listen to the episode over at Earthsharing.

Prosper’s monthly discussion is a free event with pizza and wine. All welcome.

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