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The work of Prosper Australia is being discussed more often by government and independent economists. More economic journalists are now referring to the good sense of introducing a range of better land taxation measures.

Meetings with the Victorian Treasury and the State Revenue Office are becoming commonplace. Our work has been referenced by the United Nations.

Prosper’s president, Catherine Cashmore, has appeared on TV programs such as the 7.30 Report, The Project and ABC Drivetime radio. Key quotes have regularly been published in the AFR and The Age.

We are certainly punching above our weight. We do this with an annual budget of barely $200,000. Will you support us by making a tax deductible donation towards our work?

We aim to produce four quality reports a year. To do this, alongside responding to the mountain of rent seeking activities we all see each day, we need to employ more staff.

In time, we aim to model economic rents in order to demonstrate the most efficient tax base. It is hard to fathom that this work has not been effectively modeled anywhere in the world. What would a tax system based on economic rents do for employment, small business viability, land prices and stable growth?

Will you take up the challenge and help Prosper build on the current policy momentum?

Is there a better return on a tax-deductible donation?

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