Prosper Australia is seeking expressions of interest for a researcher/campaigner.

We need a talented individual with the character to drive change. We are a small NGO based in North Melbourne with a long history and an ambitious agenda. Join a team committed to advancing the common good through economic reform – armed with creativity, evidence and integrity.

  • Highly flexible
  • Casual position
  • North Melbourne location
  • Would suit a graduate student or someone wanting to re-enter the workforce on a flexible basis

Keywords: political economy, revenue policy, land value taxation, heterodox economics, broad-based structural reform, housing affordability, land and natural resource rents, challenging monopoly and rentier politics, equality of opportunity.

Skills: writing, researching, analysis, networking, stakeholder relations, team playing, self-starting, creating campaigns, digital native, all-media communications


  • Produce evidenced-based research that capture the political & popular imagination
  • Develop and execute communications campaigns to further Prosper’s objectives
  • Demonstrating initiative; working flexibly in a small team 


  • Experience in a think-tank or policy development
  • Bachelor’s degree or above
  • Values align with the organisation
  • An appreciation of Georgist/ geo-libertarian economics & philosophy
  • Knowledge of CRM, WordPress, social media


Please contact or (03) 9328 4792