Presenters: Karl Fitzgerald with Friendly Jordie
Date: Tues June 28, 6.30 – 8pm
Venue: Tortuga Studios, 31 Princes Highway, St Peters, 2044
Cost: $5 entry donation

Sydney has been besieged by controversy over the lockout laws surrounding nightclubs. In the background, democratic pressures over the amalgamation of councils continues. But the big lockout is the challenge to find affordable housing. With negative gearing and capital gains tax reforms finally part of a Federal election, pressure must be maintained on politicians to deliver meaningful reform.

Sydney’s meme-man Friendly Jordies will join us to help break down the exasperation so many feel after yet another Eviction notice, the endless rental queues and the determination to save up that $120,000 first home deposit.

Attendees will be taken through our new ‘Spot the Bubble’ game. All you need is a smart phone and that weekly financial priority we all must meet – your weekly housing (rent/ mortgage) cost. Participants will be given a number of metrics to analyse the extent to which land prices are in the bubble-stratosphere.

Through the game, Karl will demonstrate the economic structures needed to avert what we see as just the beginning of the commodification of real estate. In light of some of the recent NSW ‘housing affordability’ policies, politicians are surely laughing in the face of the ICAC findings?


We ask ‘If paying for housing is our number one financial priority, why isn’t affordable housing our politician’s number one priority?’

$5 donation to reserve your seat. Limited tickets, book now.

FYI – Friendly Jordies made that neat video for our Speculative Vacancies report late last year.