President Catherine Cashmore has been busy with the 4 Corners team filming a number of scenes around Melbourne. Tonight we find out which scenes make national TV in a much overdue investigation into the pressure housing affordability places on society. Thanks to all those supporters who have written into the show over the years requesting something meaningful on this vital issue.

Catherine will be quoted referencing our latest Speculative Vacancies report, which found over 82,000 empty properties in Melbourne.

Here is a promo clip of her.

4 Corners have the following promo clips on high rotation:

On the back of last week’s viral sensation from The Project, with Waleed Aly taking down Turnbull on negative gearing, there is considerable momentum for the reforms we have been pushing for decades. They are to quarantine negative gearing to new homes only, with reform of the Capital Gains Tax discount. This is a pathway to the more holistic reform needed – a low, flat Land Tax on all sites.

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