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Recent shows include a Rentiers Roundtable with Prosper President Catherine Cashmore, Bryan Kavangh (LVRG), Jesse Hermans (Fair Money Australia) and Treasurer Karl Williams. Just where is the Australian economy going in this rocky start to 2016? Check the show notes on our Earthsharing site.

Rentiers Roundtable by Renegade Economists on Mixcloud

Comedian Friendly Jordie showed his support after his recent video on the Speculative Vacancies report (now hitting 140,000 plus views) with a series of hard hitting questions on the state of affordable housing policy. Why do the public continue to believe they can join the millionaire’s gravy train when so few understand the economic rules of engagement? Show notes.

The online commons is growing at a rate of knots when you consider the open source technology available, the peer-to-peer design disparate experts can work together on and the booming ‘sharing’ economy making a mint from such collaboration. Dr Jose Ramos defines how this is a growing force leading us towards a City as Commons type evolution. Show notes.

The City As Commons by Renegade Economists on Mixcloud