Letters to the Editor
AFR, November 9

Increasing the GST is such an ‘ill wind’ policy that it singularly has the capacity to blow even Mr Turnbull’s mojo into the doldrums and swing a Labor-Greens alliance into power (“Turnbull can win support for a GST rise, says Hewson”, AFR, November 4). The GST is anchored in the dismal and elitist outlook of the anti-family economics school of Thomas Malthus. Supporters of the GST claim it to be an “efficient tax”. Yet what better way to stifle trade and jobs growth than to fine consumption?

The GST is undoubtedly a far less fair way of taxing labour than a progressive income tax system with a tax-free threshold. However, we actually need to stop taxing labour altogether. We need also to stop subsidising land speculation through negative gearing and instead move to collecting the value of land for public revenue.

Ronald E. Johnson
Association for Good Government ACT Branch
Manuka, ACT