Clement - AFR

Clement – AFR

Letter to the Editor
Australian Financial Review

Sept 1, 2015

Proponents of increasing either payroll tax or the GST are like Tweedledum and Tweedledee, dancing around and seeming to argue, yet holding hands (“Payroll tax surfaces as the next GST”, AFR August 28). If we get more payroll tax, we will have fewer jobs and lower wages and take another step back towards the corvée system of ancient Egypt. If we increase GST, we will stifle economic activity in much the same way as the window tax of 18th century England caused people to board up their windows and suffer for 150 years from want of sunshine and fresh air.

Yet there is a remarkable alternative – the barbecue-stopper of the 21st century – that we have to have. If we abolish all taxation and instead collect land values for public revenue, the price of land will go down and employment and real wages will rise. Citizens, let us not be timid about the need for true tax reform. The future of our children and our nation depend upon it.

Ronald E. Johnson
​Association for Good Government (ACT Branch)
Canberra, ACT