Letters to the Editor
Bryan Kavanagh
Glen Waverley

The expected backlash to “A tax on land would be fair, efficient and unpopular” (Comment, 8/4) has arrived (Letters, 9 and 10/4). The wealthy will cry crocodile tears for asset-rich, income-poor people.

Jessica Irvine did not say we should kick oldies out of their homes but that, in some cases, a land tax may act as an incentive for some to re-assess their situation. If you are happy in your house, you should remain in it.

We should not let the exceptions make the rule. We have been taxing productivity (via income tax, GST) to a standstill and rewarding “land speculation” (via negative gearing and concessional capital gains tax for investors). A land tax would remedy this situation and abolish much of the deadweight costs on labour and capital.

Bryan Kavanagh, Mount Waverley