I’m sad.  And tired.

I’m 30, my wife’s 25. We don’t own. We can’t afford to.  In 5 years we’ve saved $40k a long long way to go from the $120k we need for a crap 3×1 closer to the city.  Our rent goes to someone who negatively gears the property and all their money goes to the bank. There’s no point in living in Australia.

We are slaves.

I’ve recently got a job offer in the US – Houston. We have almost 50 per cent of a home deposit without further saving. Our wages drop a fifth but the cost of living is halved and we have all the opportunity to grow.

Sorry Australia. We won’t be turned into slaves to keep your worthless property bubble afloat.

That $120k would just be a 20 per cent deposit. We would still need to borrow another 480k and use over 60% of my pay to service it and live off a couple hundred a week. On top of all that our wages didn’t rise this year.

The point of working is that you set up a system that gives back to you more than you put in.  Why would I spend every day for 30 years tossing water out of a sinking boat when I should be finding the leak, plugging it, then installing a solar power pump to drain it? Three days work vs 30 years…  Are you – pardon my French – fkn insane?!

Bye Bye, Australia.


Anthony’s Story is part of Prosper’s irregular series of spontaneous, unsolicited contributions from disenchanted Australian citizens.  How many of our best and brightest must leave to fulfill their dreams?