Tuesday June 24th, 6.30 – 8pm
Bob Keall (NZ Resource Rentals for Revenue Association)
2/22 Punch La, CBD

Bob Keall from NZ’s Resource Rentals for Revenue Association will deliver the basics on Georgist thought, then expose its use in decphering the rentier agenda. From there he will give direction on a unique reform agenda.

His Economics in One Lesson states:

Taking Resource Rentals for revenue … taxes resources into use instead of pricing them out of reach. This generates employment, raises wages and generates true capital for productive purposes. Collecting the revenue is certain and simple. It is the only way to ensure the advantages of

  • true equality of opportunity, a truly level playing field 
  • the free market, free trade and private enterprise
  • cooperation between labour and management private property and limited government

Join this respected Georgist advocate and storyteller for a night of direct analysis.

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