For Prosper Australia members, supporters and the merely curious

David Collyer will host an informal evening of discussion on Georgist economics

6.30 pm Tuesday 27 May 2014
At Prosper Australia’s offices
2/22 Punch Lane Melbourne

This is a roundtable where members and the like-minded can discuss land, liberty and taxation.  Come and enjoy our modern office and the knowledge within it. No one voice is more important than another and all points of view are respected.

Over a cup of tea you could ask questions like:

• What is economic rent??
• How does it feature in the federal budget?
• What reforms would help small business?

In the past these events have seen about a dozen people share their knowledge, insights and lift their understanding of the finer details in Georgist thinking.

Please RSVP to assist with our event planning. 

We hold these informal events from time to time, just for YOU.