5th Speculative Vacancies Report
Thursday June 21st, 6.30pm
Presenter: Philip Soos, Researcher, Deakin Uni
Prosper rooms, 1/27 Hardware Lane, Melbourne


Exciting researcher Philip Soos is set to release Earthsharing Australia’s 5th Speculative Vacancies report. Over 1 million homes have been surveyed with extensive findings on commercial vacancies. The figures are jaw dropping in light of the recent re-zoning windfalls handed out to developers.

Epitomising the poor use of land is the associated picture. This location (corner of Barkly St and Commercial Rd, West Footscray) has been vacant for over 5 years and is not included in current vacancy calculations. This allows property speculators to create a media atmosphere that there is nowhere to live. ‘We need more land’ is the catchcry. Over time, sections of the site have been drip fed to the market to maximise profits.

Now that the land market is plummeting in Melbourne (with a 42% fall in land sales over 12 months to March 2012 ), the cheeky land baron has decided to put the location up for lease! This epitomises the real estate 4 ransom mentality and the importance of more accurate vacancy figures.

Philip Soos is a highly rated researcher with articles like:

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