Saturday 11th February
10.15 for a 10.30 start. Conclude by 4pm
Prosper Rooms, Lvl 1/ 27 Hardware Lane, Melb
Facilitator: Raymond Makewell

A Georgist seminar on the principles of economics as if society mattered. How is wealth produced? Is economics to ensure growth or to balance our rights on planet earth with the need to reward entrepreneurial risk?

Something is fundamentally wrong with our economic system. We are confident this seminar will equip you with the analytical tools to read between the lines of policy outcomes.

Facilitator Mr Raymond Makewell is an author, researcher and Executive member of Association for Good Government Sydney. His presentation will be based on their tried and true formula of presenting economics to people seeking social justice.

RSVP pls or 96702754

$5 donation towards lunch appreciated.