Causes Behind the Global Financial Crisis and 70’s Stagflation
Presenter: Steven Spadijer (ANU)

119th Annual Henry George Commemorative Dinner
Thursday Sept 2nd, 6pm onwards
RSVP by Friday 27th August.

Steven Spadijer is an honours student in Arts/Law at the Australian National University, where he is currently completing a series of papers on business cycles the role federalism could play in lead to a resurgence of Georgist ideas.

In addition to this, he has written on the utility that Georgist principles can contribute toward business cycle research, having presented papers at History of Economic Thought Society (HETSA).

He is is also writing a book which involves applying the insights of George into the population debate and what he calls ‘single tax enterprise zones’ and is an avid supporter of federalism through the Samuel Griffith Society, taking a keen interest in constitutional law.

Steven will dispel on the night the notion that “stagflation” was caused by the 1973 oil price shock. Instead, he will detail how a synthesis of the Georgist, Austrian (Hayek, Schumpeter) and post-Keynesian theory (Minsky, Sweezy) provide a more viable explanation for the 1973-75 recession. He will then apply this to the current GFC.

He promises a lively presentation – we hope you can join us.

RSVP pls by Friday 27th August if possible.

Meals are on a pay as you go basis – meals are $15. We will gather at around 6.30pm with meals preferably ordered by 6.45.

The venue is the Conservatory, Pumphouse Hotel, 128 Nicholson St, Fitzroy. See this map for more detail.