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Saturday mornings at the Richmond market. I hear a fruit stall worker calling his wares: “Last of the carrots! A dollar a bunch! AND THERE’S NO MORE!”

Of course, he has carrots by the boxful under the table, but his solemn warning means he sells out every day.

Shameless lying by a fruit seller is probably harmless. And his carrots are brimming with vitamins.

When real estate ‘professionals’ use these tactics to create a buying stampede, the consequences are profound.

Homebuyers commit to lifetimes of heavy debt. 

They overpay for houses far from work, far from family, far from facilities. 

Then every adult needs a car.  For years they drive past miles of vacant land to their jobs and to visit mum. When petrol prices rise, they suffer agonies.

Their children grow up without a community and go to distant crowded schools.

The sheer stupidity of this distorted behaviour is due to the housing shortage. Because well-located homes are too expensive and unavailable.

What if there was no housing shortage?  What if it was all a lie?  Would we still pour our life’s earnings into unsuitable houses?

I can prove it is a lie. 

The evidence is in Earthsharing Australia’s I Want To Live Here Report.

Earthsharing didn’t rely on advertised vacancy figures. They used a different measure: water consumption.  An empty house uses no water.

One in fifteen Melbourne houses use less than 50 litres of  water a day.  They are unoccupied.

Melbourne’s Genuine Vacancy Rate currently stands at 6.86%.

These are speculative vacancies, properties held off the market to drive up prices and cream off a capital gain.

When prices turn – as they must – speculators will pour these private dwellings onto the market.  The phrase AND THERE’S NO MORE will refer to the ‘greater fool’ speculators rely upon, not shelter for families.

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