Hudson – Forever Blowing Bubbles

The presentation from Professor Michael Hudson’s Sydney talk ‘Forever Blowing Bubbles’.
The screen size is small to reduce the file size.


  1. Steven Shaw07-11-2009

    Very interesting stuff. Thanks for posting!

  2. Karl Fitzgerald
    Karl Fitzgerald09-11-2009

    Cheers Steve, just click on the Michael Hudson tag to see more

  3. Bryan Kavanagh10-11-2009

    Thanks, K2!

    I get something new out of Michael’s talks with each hearing. There just SO MUCH lucid thinking and detail in there that cuts through all the usual economic BS!

  4. kjr11-11-2009

    Thank you for this video. Hudson is brilliant as always.

  5. Will08-03-2010

    I missed his session in Sydney, and wondering if anyone can summarise his view of Australian economy, particularly the property market.

    Is he forseeing property bubble bust in Australia ? When that would be ? It seems to me that regardless what’s happening with other countries, Australia keeps growing and performing much better than others.

    Is it possible that Australian economy is manipulated by the GOVT ? and/or private bankers group like in US ?

    Thanks !!


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