Tuesday July 22nd at 6.45pm for 7pm, Level 1/ 27 Hardware Lane, Melb

Join us for a warm night of films! See the Earthsharing Challenge film Who Owns Anglesea? This 10 minute short film shines a spotlight on housing affordability and how this effects the seaside town of Anglesea.

Following this will be legendary Australian cartoonist Bruce Petty’s inspiring new doco-animation, Global Haywire, a must see for those concerned about the plight of the world and wanting to see a refreshing, humorous documentary.

Beyond the typical critique of the Washington Consensus, Petty looks into the eyes of the Enlightenment and asks if we’ve stuffed it up? The development of systems and statehood, rationality and reason have been distorted. The multitude of inventions, the white goods revolution, computing and bio-technology have done little for genuine liberty. Read a review here.

The usual drinks and nibblies will follow. We haven’t seen you or so long, we hope to see you for a social night.

$5 entry to cover the royalties.
RSVP appreciated

Diary Dates

  • The True Cost of Food – Karl Williams presents on Fri August 1st, 7pm
  • Economics for Activists – Karl Fitzgerald presents on Tuesdays nights 6.30 – 8pm, Aug 5 – 26th
  • 117th Annual Henry George Dinner, Tues Sept 2nd, 6.30pm featuring Terry Dwyer (ANU) @ Pumphouse Hotel Function Room