March 08 figures reveal that loans for first home owners dropped to just 16.4% of owner-occupied approvals. Yes 16.4%! The Great Australian Dream is being dominated by baby boomers and/ or speculators. Those that most need a roof over their heads are the last in the queue. Why is this so?

Loans for new dwellings dropped a massive 11.5%. The building industry must be extremely worried with this trend. Job losses come next. Interest rates are hurting.

Negative gearing on all second investment homes must be addressed in the first Swan budget. If this policy was designed to improve the supply of housing, at the very least it could be limited to only new housing. Best of all would be to abolish it and the First Home Owners Grant.

If a Site Rental on all land was implemented, we wouldn’t have the ridiculous situation we have today where small business owners and first home owners, traditionally the Messengers for future opportunity, are penalised, whilst speculators in the fruits of the earth are subsidised by the productive sector’s tax funded infrastructure.