Check this new Ausse film – a must see for those concerned about globalisation, terrorism and the wealth gap. Unfortunately it doesn’t have the kind of hard nosed economic reform we would like, but still well worth the viewing for the lessons on the Middle East. This review gives a hint of the sensory feast audiences can expect.

Global Haywire is a cunning film about the evolution of man and the politico-economic power structures concocted to divide and conquer. Yes! Finally a cutting edge film on globalisation that sums up the exasperations of the social justice movement.

Infamous Australian cartoonist Bruce Petty is the writer-director and uses his artistic license to sum up moments in time with a masterful stroke of his brush. Bruce Petty does this in spades with his trademark scribbly cartoons, billowing a breath of fresh air into the documentary format. Complementing his art is absurdist dialogue, a contemporary soundtrack and interviews with all-star intellectuals.

Petty’s doodling cartoons inspire the senses as they zoom across the screen, keeping viewers on their toes and challenging the audience to lift their intensity. It is rewarding to be challenged by a documentary that hits you with simultaneous issues, forcing our thought patterns to speed up in accordance with the tidal wave of torments rising on the horizon.”

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