Tune into www.3cr.org.au from 5- 6pm today or listen via good ole AM radio – 855 AM on the dial as hosts Karl & Rayna interview Steve Keen about his upcoming presentation, “Deeper in Debt” (tomorrow night in the Prosper Offices – book soon as places are filling fast).

Steve will be asked to explain the role debt is playing in our economy and whether the Australian banking system has engaged in the same slippery financial product development as the US (ie Credit Default Swaps & Adjustable Rate Mortgages). We can’t resist – we must ask who is dominating the creation of money supply in Australia – the Reserve Bank or the commercial banking sector?

Has the deregulated banking sector benefited the Australian people?

Hammy Goonan from the Australian Centre for Democracy and Justice will also be speaking on the perils of lobbyocracy and how it is threatening all levels of government. Should we call it corporate democracy?

Importantly, we will also be discussing the central theory of economic rent. What role does the community play? Why have other ideologies overlooked the holy grail of economics – economic rent, the natural surplus.

We look forward to you listening to this insightful show and attending tomorrow night’s event.