Affordable Housing & Community Land Trusts

Monday April 21st, 7pm, Prosper Australia rooms, free

Inspired by the gammut of short sighted housing policies dominating the press, Prosper Australia has invited our resident expert Leo Foley to discuss the role of Community Land Trusts in assisting housing affordability. Leo will discuss how CLT’s have become a successful model for CoHousing cooperatives in the US. Examples from the Opal & Burlington intentional communities will be discussed.

From this an overview will be given on how this form of community management of the commons is superior to present land monopolisation. An understanding of how ‘community’ can be incorporated into economics will then be possible.

Make sure you book in Monday April 21st to attend
RSVP appreciated
Venue: the Prosper Australia rooms.
Free, 7 – 9pm


  1. matthieu17-03-2008

    you might be intersted to consider the award winner documentary “Voices of Cohousing. Building villages in the city”. It was done for cohousing groups in formation and for existing cohousings to organise info evening. It is 37 min. (+ 22 min. extra) and it deals with some of the most important topics people want to know about cohousing. Info and trailer:
    Have a good day!

  2. Sean21-04-2008

    I cannot make the meeting tomight(!) but this is an important issue. Anyone considering moving into an intentional and ‘cooperative’ residential community or considering establishing one, needs to come to grips with the challenge of doing this within a financial system which is essentially hostile to economic cooperation and which is focused almost entirely on growth and investment. Even if people only wish to own and build co-operatively in some way so that they have an opportunity to secure their own home are disadvantaged.

    And either by ignorance or intent the problems are increasing. Recent legislation passed in Victoria makes it impossible for a person to take advantage of being an owner-builder unless they are the titled owner of the land on which they wish to build.

    And a plea — Can Prosper Aust. make available a transcript, podcast, or summary of Leo’s talk tonight?

    P.S. Ta declare an interest I am a member of an intentional co-operative community, Moora Moora, located to the East of Melbourne.

  3. Karl Fitzgerald

    Hi Sean,

    Rob from Moora Moora (?) attended, but yes we must chase down some notes from Leo. It is a danger the model Vic Urban is proposing for CoHousing – suits those first in, but future generations are forced to suffer (as always).

    Sign onto our email list to keep posted. We will definately be doing another talk later in the year on this key topic, as the night was a good meeting of minds.

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