Fri June 15th, 7.15pm

The launch of Bryan Kavanagh’s (LVRG) groundbreaking report

Bryan Kavanagh will take us through his world leading statistics, analysing economic trends over the 34 years the report covers. He will deliver insights on how the property market is actually the lead indicator of the economy.

Bryan is an experienced property valuer of 32 years. He is one of the world’s leading analysts on the inter-relationship between land and the economy. Did you know that Australia has probably the most accurate land value records in the world? Mr Kavanagh’s Land Values Research Group, is the only agency to collect national land value data. The findings will raise eyebrows!

Hear how the Mad Hatter’s Tea Party has run amok with our tax system, costing rich and poor alike many millions.

How does the sharemarket affect the property market and vice versa? What should the true role of the Reserve Bank be?

  • Entry: Gold coin donation. Reports available at $10.
  • Level One, 27 Hardware Lane, Melbourne, 7.15pm