Our Vision

We have everything we need. Our earth, and the bold achievements we have attained together through human progress is more than enough to create a fair society where every person can benefit from our shared wealth to live fuller, happier, and safer lives. 

Our society is at a crossroads. We are watching technology advance in leaps and bounds. Yet, inequality is increasing and our earth’s resources are being depleted by those who hold monopoly power. Many of us who contribute to the economy struggle to pay our bills. Meanwhile, others who hold property, and other exclusive rights to our natural resources are allowed to profit from value they did not create. 

At Prosper, we aim to hold up a light to the dark corners of our economic system that aren’t working for the common good anymore. We talk to policymakers, politicians and the public about the elephant in every room: tax. 

We firmly believe that the value created by our community such as the demand on our natural resources should be taxed and returned to us, instead of being funneled into private fortunes. By properly capturing the rising value of land through our tax system, we can reduce burdensome taxes on income and consumption that everyday families and businesses have to bear. 

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