Our Vision

We have everything we need. Our earth, and the bold achievements we have attained together through human progress is more than enough to create a fair society where every person can benefit from our shared wealth to live fuller, happier, and safer lives.

With a slowing economy, rising inequality, and the exploitation of our environment, it can be difficult to be optimistic about our future. Many of us who contribute to our society through hard work struggle to pay our bills. Meanwhile, those of us who hold rights over our natural resources are allowed to profit from value they did not create.

We firmly believe that taxes on the hard-working, productive areas of society such as income tax, payroll tax, company tax and stamp duty need to be reduced. Instead, we should be taxing unearned streams of superprofits that derive from exclusive access to our finite natural resources including land, groundwater and minerals. A tax shift for Australia will take the pressure off workers and the productive sectors of our society while conserving that on which all economies depend: our natural environment.

At Prosper, we talk to policymakers, politicians and the public about the tax shift we need for our future. We can use our tax system as a powerful lever towards a stronger, more productive, fairer and more sustainable society.

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