Event: Property Boom or Bust – with Phillip Anderson


Property Boom or Bust – where are we in the cycle? 
With Phillip J Anderson, author of The Secret  Life of Real Estate & Banking

Tuesday March 17th, 6pm.
Level 2, 22 Punch Lane, Melbourne.
Strictly limited seats, $25 per person (includes light catering).

Contrasting pressures need exploration. Property prices have skyrocketed. Bad debts have barely budged. Unemployment is ticking upwards but housing supply is pushing 200,000, soaking up some of the mining slack. Can society prosper under record debt to GDP levels?

Phillip Anderson is the world’s leading expert on business cycles and the symbiosis between the stock, commodity and real estate markets. Phillip is an astute judge of global trends, having consistently stood up to the bears with an array of information to quell the concerned. He is set to decipher the noise with his unique analysis of macroeconomic behaviours.

This is Phillip’s last public presentation before he heads back to Europe. Join us for an intimate night of insight and discussion. RSVP & Tickets.


  1. Cynthia13-03-2015

    I would just love to attend this presentation. I have been in awe of Phil’s research & information after reading his book years ago. I live 650km from Melbourne in North West of Victoria. Due to commitments and having to travel 3 hours to catch a plane from Adelaide , it is not possible on this date to attend. Will there be an opportunity to hear Phil’s presentation and response to questions after the event? I think Phil is incredible and is one of the most switched on people I “know.” Cynthia

  2. Karl Fitzgerald
    Karl Fitzgerald13-03-2015

    we will ask him.

    FYI seated tickets sold out, standing room only

  3. Wayne14-03-2015

    Hi Karl,
    I couldn’t get to the last one either !
    Any chance of getting a recording of the night?
    Happy to pay seat price !!

  4. Richard Meredith18-03-2015

    I concur with Karl. I was away for this talk and would happily pay to receive a transcript of it.

  5. Karl Fitzgerald
    Karl Fitzgerald02-04-2015

    For about the same price you can become a Prosper member and I’ll gladly send you a link to the half of the recording Phil was happy for me to make available ;)

  6. Harry09-04-2018

    Hello Karl, I was also unable to attend. I would absolutely love to listen to any recordings you have.
    I will make sure to become a prosper life member.

  7. Karl Fitzgerald
    Karl Fitzgerald09-04-2018

    Hi Harry,
    you can find that recording here (along with past interviews), where he appears usually annually once or twice a year on the Renegade Economists radio show/ podcast.

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