Speculative Vacancies report presentation

Innovative Vacant Housing measure – Speculative Vacancies 2013 from Karl

Below is Catherine Cashmore’s audio presentation for the event – the 7th Speculative Vacancies report.

Click through the powerpoint slideshow in time to the mixcloud audio file below. (Unfortunately this is the only technology available at present.)

Read the transcript of Catherine’s Renegade Economists radio interview on the report.

See the event photos on facebook.
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Speculative Vacancies 7 presentation by Renegadeeconomists on Mixcloud


  1. Gareth19-02-2015

    Hi Guys – fabulous report.

    I was wondering if you have done something similar for Sydney or if you know if somebody else has?

    Thank you

  2. Karl Fitzgerald
    Karl Fitzgerald24-02-2015

    Hi Gareth,

    we had contact with a political party who at least attained the NSW data. They did not crunch the numbers before staff moved on. Perhaps we should try crowdfunding to enable such a study into this verifiable honeypot.

    thanks for your support

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