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JULY 2014

Schalkenbach Foundation
123rd Annual Henry George Dinner, 3rd September

Featuring Professor John Freebairn of Melbourne University
Wednesday September 3rd
Royal Society of Victoria, 8 Latrobe St, Melbourne
From 6pm
RSVP & Tickets
We are delighted to announce one of Australia’s most pre-eminent economists, Professor John Freebairn,  will be guest speaker at this year’s Henry George Commemorative Dinner.And yes, you read correctly, this event has been part of Melbourne’s economic and political calender since 1891.

Professor Freebairn  holds of the Ritchie Chair in Economics at the University of Melbourne, and has had a distinguished career in applied microeconomics and economic policy analysis. You can read some of his recent analysis here and here. We look forward to hearing the Professor’s views as our annual dinner continues the high standard set by Saul Eslake and Leith van Onselen.

Tickets $30, includes dinner and lecture.

Oxfam Climate Canvas, by Naomi
Naked BlogsOne of the world’s biggest sources of commentary on all things financial Naked Capitalism featured two articles by Prosper writers this fortnight. David Collyer’s article questions the libertarian belief in absolute property rights, which requires by extension, climate change denialism. It can be viewed at Prosper and on the Naked Capitalism blog – over 140 comments!Exciting writer Catherine Cashmore’s examination of how little has been done in the wake of the global financial crisis was also featured. She warns:

“Five years on since the US recession ‘officially’ ended in June 2009, urban land prices are rising, the pattern of history is repeating….but our Governments are turning a blind eye.”

Also from the article:

“I’ve had land that has doubled in value in the past 12 months,” said Harry Triguboff … (BRW Rich 200: Fatter profits for property barons – 27th June 2014)

“But while Triguboff paid a lot for his land, he did not make his cheque payable to the local school, park, rail network, or the array of public and community services that yield his land a healthy source of locational revenue that grants such windfall gains.”

Stamp Duty and Negative Gearing are in the spotlight on the Prosper Blog with Gavin Putland imploring you not to get fined $30 000 for moving house and David Collyer reminding us that “not only are citizen taxpayers subsidising the little landlord strategy of converting taxable income into concessionally taxed capital gains, we also have to endure significantly higher housing costs.”

Alan Levine

Collaborative California

Tuesday 5th August
Level 2, 22 Punch Ln, Melbourne

Is California’s booming sharing economy capable of outdoing the economies of scale of big business? Karl Fitzgerald has the insights on the good, the bad and the beautiful when it comes to the collaborative economy in California. The collaborative economy has the potential to end corporate largesse, and is sure to be one of the biggest shakeups to economic power in decades.

Catch up with Karl and share in his findings after 3 weeks in this once land of opportunity where he gave five presentations and filmed over eighteen local experts on peer-to-peer and Georgist economics. See some sneak previews of the footage.

Event details – including must watch video.

Pelle Sten

Renegade Economist USA 

You can hear more of Karl’s Californian adventures via the last few Renegade Economist radio shows. 

“Housing speculation rampant and the system says nothing” – Dave Wetzel (theiu.org) and Rich Nymeon (CommonGround Minnesota) on the pressures for life on Earth in this poolside discussion.

Democratising Land Use – Karl presents at the From Ownership to Stewardship event hosted by the Sustainable Economies Law Centre in Oakland. Tune in for the low down on Community Land Trusts and the need to share the natural opportunities the Earth provides to all.

Dave Giesen (thecommonsf.org) takes us on a Radical San Fran walking tour of social movements in this vibrant city. A must listen for social movement history.

Renegade Economists are now also available for streaming at Mixcloud.

Wally Gobetz
A Night for Members & Friends

Tuesday 26th August
Level 2, 22 Punch Ln, Melbourne

The discussion night for new members on 27th May was a terrific buzz. Everyone had their say and shared in a real exchange of views. The camaraderie and focus on the common good was an inspiration. We all came away energised and positively challenged.

All new members are invited to join us for another night of inspired discussion.

But why should just new members have all the fun?

Led by David Collyer, for all Prosper’s members and supporters.

Only One Tax AxedIn a win for polluting rent seekers and a blow for everyone else Palmer and Co. joined forces with the Abbott Government to ensure Australia became the first developed nation to repeal the Carbon Tax…. apparently they all forgot to read Greg Hunt’s thesis on why a carbon tax is a really great idea.The Mining Tax however, survived its time on the chopping block, with Palmer and Co. this time joining forces with Labor and the Greens to keep the tax in place.

“Who likes direct action? The polluters of course. Instead of paying to pollute, they get payed not to pollute.” With spot-on remarks like this make sure you don’t miss must-watch economist Warwick Smith’s article in the Guardian. 



Rounding Out

This article about Pikkety’s forerunners is a good read. And there’s always plenty to read here, and here.

We hope you can join us at one of our upcoming events!

Thanks for your support,
Jess Wright
Office manager



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