The Way Forward Under Rentier Rule


Tuesday June 24th, 6.30 – 8pm
Bob Keall (NZ Resource Rentals for Revenue Association)
2/22 Punch La, CBD

Bob Keall from NZ’s Resource Rentals for Revenue Association will deliver the basics on Georgist thought, then expose its use in decphering the rentier agenda. From there he will give direction on a unique reform agenda.

His Economics in One Lesson states:

Taking Resource Rentals for revenue … taxes resources into use instead of pricing them out of reach. This generates employment, raises wages and generates true capital for productive purposes. Collecting the revenue is certain and simple. It is the only way to ensure the advantages of

  • true equality of opportunity, a truly level playing field 
  • the free market, free trade and private enterprise
  • cooperation between labour and management private property and limited government

Join this respected Georgist advocate and storyteller for a night of direct analysis.

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  1. Karl Williams13-05-2014

    This guy is a legend! It’s a definite date in my diary – shall be bringing all my friends who share interests in alternative economics and valuing natural resources properly.

  2. John Jamieson16-05-2014

    Please present my apologies as I’m unable to make it over to Melbourne. However, if the presentation can be recorded in video, DVD or even on tape I’d like a copy as I’m sure Robert Keall will provide some very good food for thought.

    I recently met a young couple visiting Albany from Perth for a weekend break and spent an hour or so chatting about where our whole economic system has been de-railed from the time Roman Law was implemented and the only 100% honest politician in the last 2,000 years (Jesus of Nazareth) was crucified for speaking out. This young couple had come to Perth from Melbourne about 6 months ago thinking that WA was “booming” with all these huge resources projects happening. Instead they found that Gina Rineheart, Andrew “Twiggy” Forrest, Rio Tinto and BHP-Billiton were replacing people with ROBOTS at all levels. They managed to get some work in Perth but have to live in their campervan in a friend’s back yard. I gave them an introduction to what the Renegade Economists are up to on 3CR &
    they immediately “saw the light”. We need the energy & enthusiasm of the 20 to 30 year olds to spark up the LVT revolution! Good luck & keep on kicking those brain dead politicians up the butt until they eventually wake up & realise they are supposed to represent people, not ROBOTS!

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