Historical Articles


As a 100 plus year old organisation, we thought it timely to reveal the hidden pearls written by our forebearers. It is intriguing to see the similarities in problems between past and present.

Collins St Gold Mine
Reflecting on Melbourne’s history from the gold years onwards and how early movers still mine the most valuable gold of all – land rent. Fascinating.

Max Hirsch shoots down any claim for compensating landowners.

600,000 for One Penny

Declaration of Principle and Policy
The seventh International Conference to Promote Land Value Taxation – 1949

The Ethics of the Single Tax

An Experiment in India
An examination of a well-intentioned Quaker community in India undermined by….

A Few Cutting Remarks
One poignant statement after another

High Rent, Low Wages
The injustice spelt out ever so clearly

Ontario Land Valuation Deception

Housing Problems and Proposals of Municipal Rating
From our Scottish friends

Unemployment – Cause and Cure Look out for Robinson Crusoe, a step back in time when you consider the language in bits. Grounding.

Toronto writes up a storm…

Tragedy of Errors

Study of Social Sciences
Again the Canadians are in form. Hi Frank de Jong!

Six Reasons
Short and sharp, key points.

Single Tax Objections Answered

Image – Courtesy of Unsplash & Gabriel Santiago