Housing: Investor support continues with Significant Investment Visas

Each day passes with policy enhancing the never ending Great Australian land bubble. Three of note include:


  1. THEO23-04-2014

    I am disappointed to see government corruption and manipulation of our taxes along with the continuing funnelling of these taxes into subsidizing and supporting a minority to hold the majority of us into ransom by way of high house and land prices. What is more unbelievable is the same people who are complaining now and in the near future will still vote for the same political parties that are responsible. Mass hysteria with a touch of Stockholm Syndrome.

  2. Karl Fitzgerald
    Karl Fitzgerald23-04-2014

    Aha – Stockholm Syndrome is evolving into a new law: Hudson’s Law as discussed on today’s Renegade Economists with Michael Hudson. Transcript coming soon.

    To think we are giving away $45bn in super concessions to the wealthiest in Oz, and over $200bn to land owners per annum, makes you wonder how far the people can be pushed. Hudson’s Law indeed.

  3. karl24-04-2014

    im actually against this georgian land tax not because i dont doubt it would work in other countries but in oz all the government will do is add it on top of the taxes we already pay without bring down the income tax

  4. Karl Fitzgerald
    Karl Fitzgerald24-04-2014

    Hi Karl!
    Whilst I share in your democratic cynicism, I dare say there are enough political challenges to implementing this reform that no MP would be game enough to ignore the tax shift element to the argument. It’s our best chance of getting it implemented. There is so much money harnessed by monopoly powers that income, sales and company taxes can all be removed. Read the Total Resource Rents for more.

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