Don’t Buy Now! Public Meeting

7.00 pm 19 July 2012
High Street Northcote

The Great Australian Dream is a Nightmare!

  • An entire generation priced out of the market
  • 380,000 unsold houses without a family
  • An economy drowning in mortgage debt


David Collyer with the charts

Karl Fitzgerald’s documentary
Real Estate 4 Ransom

Come and have your say.

Meet the people who correctly called the bubble burst
for an open-ended Question and Answer.

  • Reading the property narrative
  • Avoiding the mortgage trap
  • Rent Vs Buy

Gold coin entry

Download the A3 poster and paste it up!
Download the A5 flyer for more details
Please RSVP here for numbers


  1. Owner Occupier05-07-2012

    Oh yeah paying off somebody elses house is a lot smarter oh yeah!

  2. Karl Fitzgerald
    Karl Fitzgerald06-07-2012

    watch ricardo’s law to see why paying off someone elses mortgage may not be the smartest system

  3. Shaun tarrant06-07-2012

    I don’t think owner occupier understands the theory of speculators.

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