The Real Estate Bust: how to know exactly what will unfold next

Thursday March 19th
featuring Phil Anderson (Economic Indicator Services)

Event report:
Over eighty people saw Phil speak to a level of investigation very few will go to. Top questions from the audience resulted in Phil discussing the depths of Japan’s recurring economic nightmare, the similarity of ‘debt is death’ type commentaries over the centuries and some alluring discussions on time scales. Interesting predictions were made about geo-political plays around the 2028 date. Why we ask you?
Phil Anderson is the author of the recently released The Secret Life of Real Estate – a must read. Phil’s presentation will briefly outline the history of the 18 year real estate cycle and why this is so important to stock and commodity markets. Then he will outline a little of what can be expected for markets over 2009 and into 2010, with:

– discussion of how past real estate cycles completed, then moved into the new cycle,
– what to look out for as the cycle moves, related in particular to the stock market, and finally (if time)
– a brief look at how this fits with the next upside for the 5th Kondratieff wave.

*Phillip J Anderson is Managing Director of Economic Indicator Services (EIS), an economic forecasting service operating out of London and Melbourne. EIS is the world’s foremost authority in the area of business, real estate and commodity cycles. Subscribers to the service are educated to the movements of these cycles in the economy, none more important than the real estate cycle.

The last time Phil spoke was a sell out. RSVP to book your seat to this vital talk.
$5 donation.
Venue – Level 2/ 1 Spring Street, Table Matters Theatrette, Melbourne
Enter from the Flinders Lane entrance opposite the Sofitel carpark entrance.

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6.45 for 7pm


  1. brenda mason10-02-2009

    we would love it if some of these talk could also take place in brisbane.

  2. Miami Beach Condos10-02-2009

    some more pain but the rewards will be great

  3. Maireid12-03-2009

    For those who can’t attend Phil’s lecture, his book is a must.
    “The Secret Life of Real Estate- How it moves and why”

  4. Maireid12-03-2009

    …and, of course, he has videos of his recent lectures on his website:

  5. Steven Shaw05-04-2009

    I do occasionally hear people talk about Kondratieff cycles but it doesn’t do your cause any favours to associate yourselves with such a kooky idea. See Murray Rothbard’s article on the subject from the 80s.

  6. Karl Fitzgerald

    yes it certainly has it’s detractors, the long wave theory, but then so does Murray Rothbard ;) Have a look at the k-wave site and their timeframe (scroll to spreadsheet). Phil uses the K Wave as one of many cycles that are indicators, each reinforcing the other and/ or opening up new possibilities, rather than there being one single indicator of the cycle.

    AS for Rothbard’s assertion there’s no such thing as cycles, watch some of Fred Harrison’s work (the guy who predicted the 92 and 08 downturns) as quoted by property developers who wished they had listened and check Fred’s own youtube channel

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