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To check the details on the latest show scroll down the page to the Renegade Economics. More technical detail can also be found on how podcasts operate at the top of that page.

P.S – to check on the issues raised in yesterday’s post, check our new-look sister website over at Earthsharing Australia for an interesting development.


  1. Martin23-07-2008

    What if you don’t use iTunes (and don’t want to)?

  2. Karl Fitzgerald

    HI Martin,
    check this helpul page from 3CR, click on the more software tools link in blue

  3. Robert Neill01-06-2014

    My hope as yours is this becomes public policy.
    ‘Renegade’ marginalizes immediately

    It is rather
    ‘Real World’
    ‘Uncorrupted’ economics.

  4. Karl Fitzgerald
    Karl Fitzgerald03-06-2014

    Good points Robert, something i have pondered before. Perhaps I will re-visit.

  5. Karl Fitzgerald
    Karl Fitzgerald03-06-2014

    Alternatively, plug this into your software http://podcast.3cr.org.au/podcast.php?cat=RenegadeEconomists

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