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Support the urgent need to shift tax incentives away from land and property speculation and toward a productive economy. Prosper’s goal is greater prosperity for all via economic opportunity and justice. Outcomes include curbing the boom-bust cycle and the strain of heavy debts amongst government and the people. Simply raise revenue whilst encouraging better behaviour.

Membership costs $A30 per year within Australia. This includes a subscription to Progress, our 113 year old quarterly journal, valued at $15.

You can assist the debate by supporting the work of our staff, by visiting or writing to local members of parliament and participating online in comments and social media. There’s lots to do in an age of monopoly power! Members receive regular press releases and invitations to events.

Members also have access to our reading library which incorporates archives dating back to the 19th century.

At the Annual General Meeting, members elect a thirteen person executive to run the affairs of Prosper Australia for the next twelve months. Members are eligible to stand for nomination to the Executive when they have been a financial member for 2 years. The Executive meets on the second Thursday of the month to manage our affairs.

Your membership is processed via Eventbrite – a payment gateway (no registration needed) that can be used in a fast and secure manner.

Join Prosper Australia
– According to Eventbrite (the membership payment service you visit upon clicking the above link) select a date (the blue button on the right) to enable  your yearly membership fee. We are working on incorporating a membership form into our website.

If you would prefer to complete a paper version, print this form and mail to: Secretary, Level 1 64 Harcourt St, North Melbourne, 3051.